Passion guides its followers

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It has been almost two years now. Two years, since I decided to leave the company that has invented the 2nd most famous phrase worldwide, after “OK”. Two years since I have decided to leave the world’s strongest sales force and enhance my own career in Sales. Instead, I wanted to go back to university and join my brothers’ “project” as I used to call it. My plan was simply to finish my master degree within a year while earning little pocket money as a part timer in “their” coffee place Lulu`s Coffee & Co.

Sure, my commitment should be a little more than the commitment of a regular student employee, but I was surprised how energetic I became towards this “job”. My goal was to become a Barista and that was a long way. I started googling, reading, taking advices and learning. I felt huge pride when the milk started foaming up the way it should. It must’ve been a million of pictures that I send to all my friends, when my latte art started to look somehow like some kind of a heart. Most importantly, when a guest from Canada told me out of nothing that I just served her the best Cappuccino she ever had, I made an inner leap.

Coffee became more to me than just a shot of caffeine I needed every once in a while. Lulu`s became life. I go there when I need to get stuff done and when I want to have a timeout with friends. Even more, sometimes I find myself sitting there at night looong after closing time, just to have a flat white and find peace. So the odds have changed in a funny way. I found myself spending most of my time for Lulu`s and studying as part-timer.

John Lennon’s most famous quote: Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans… and that is actually the best way to describe my past two years. Here I am now, finding myself with a Degree in Business Administration, pulling offers down to pursue a career in Sales or Consultancy only to follow what I love. Lulu’s is not less, but the start is much tougher. So let’s see where it leads us now